Wednesday, March 30, 2011

you are welcome

Dear colleagues,

On Friday and Monday all the projects, approved in the faculties, have been approved also by the
University committee and yesterday the chief accountant of the University had to say his
final and most important say.

What matters is: our seminar on the Epinomis received green line everywhere.
The basics for the accommodation for 15 guests are secured, plus two dinners.

The additions and extras - as money for plenty of photocopies, and an excursion - are still uncertain.

Anyway, I am not going to bother you anymore with the other details.
We have the most necessary and indispensable.

All of you are cordially invited!

It is up to you to decide from the collegiate group of each country who would like to attend and how to be accommodated.

If there are many people, who would like to participate, we may welcome 15 as guests of the University,
but the rest would be also welcomed and may stay on their own...
Among he positive effects
of the global crisis is the fact, that there are decent, modest hotels in the center of Sofia
at quite reasonable prices.

In respect of the work:
I have already divided the text of the Epinomis into ten chunks, but I wouldn't like to impose myself
and firstly I would like to ask those of you, who are definite on their participation:

What are your preferences? Papers on topics or successive discussions of the 10 pieces, followed by a general discussion
Whose is this dialogue?

I am expecting proposals and suggestions from all of you, who would like to attend.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

almost certain

A message on the Annunciation day

Dear colleagues,

On Wednesday the committee of the Faculty of classical and new philology supported the project for the seminar.

The other good news from today is: the Faculty of philosophy also supports the seminar on The Epinomis.

So, the final approval will come on Monday from the overall committee for all faculties of the University,

but hopefully, no unpleasant changes will occur there, because the project is supported by two


This means: we will be able to offer accommodation for four nights for 15 people in 3-star hotels

plus accommodation for 3 other colleagues

in the big apartment for guests of the Faculty of philosophy. There are two other apartments,

used by the two faculties for the accommodation of foreign colleagues, which means

that we will be able to welcome at least 15 guests.

This is not that bad.

Seems more real than before.

I will write to you next week, after Dr. Nevena Panova and me sign the contract.

Wishing you all the best,

yours Dimka

Monday, March 14, 2011

still uncertain

Dear colleagues,
Several steps have been made so far for the organization of the seminar on “The Epinomis”.
On Friday, the 11th of March the application was submitted both in the Faculty of Philosophy and in the Faculty of Classical and New Philologies.
This is a joint project of the Department of Classics and the Department of History of Philosophy, and the co-organizers are Dr. Nevena Panova, who is one of the two translators of the “Laws” in Bulgarian, and me.
We are applying in both of the faculties, hoping that thus it will be easier to collect the necessary funds.
So far other sponsors have been asked for help, as well, but without a response from them for the time being.
The conference, or rather the seminar is scheduled for the days from the 21st to 25th of June, which more accurately means: these are the dates with accommodation for the guests. The 21st of June is supposed to be the arrival day, the seminar is supposed to occur on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of June, and on the 25th probably there might be a small excursion.
Maybe all this as time-precision comes too late for some of you, but the situation for this year here is like that. Everything happens in the very last moment and even now it is still uncertain. The decision of the two faculties’ committees will become clear in 10 days at the latest.
As for the place: we have given up the idea of hosting the event in the University cottage in the Rila mountain, because in the last months it has not been well maintained and because of other disadvantages, known to you. It turned out that the crisis had influenced many decent 3-stars hotels in Sofia to offer accommodation for reasonable prices.

So, if supported by the two faculties, the seminar will be in Sofia, in the Central building of the SU, in the so-called “Rector’s building” and all the guests will be accommodated in hotels quite near-by. Seminar days: the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of June.

One pre-final point. I am not sure who exactly receives these messages and who does not receive them, because from all the addresses, included in the list, the server regularly returns only the messages with the address of Irina Deretic. I also noticed a mistake in the address of István Bodnár, and also I received a letter from Katerina Ierodiakonou, that she does not receive all of them.
So, in order to facilitate our communication, especially if the funding is secured, I decided to create a blog and to post on it all the relevant and necessary information for everybody, who might be interested in the seminar, even without attending in person. Obviously, firstly, we cannot rely only and solely on the mailing-list.
Secondly, the information on the blog, concerning the seminar on “The Epinomis”, might be useful for some colleagues – students, doctoral students, assistant-professors, and others from the classicists and the philosophers, who might liked to attend some of the sessions.
The blog is here:

And last, but not least. If we are supported to gather and work together on “The Epinomis”, we may use the division of the Teubner edition in 12 chapters, or I can propose you another division of the text in 10 parts.

But let’s discuss the division of the text – in 12 or in 10 parts, and who exactly is going to present which part exactly after the final clarification: whether we will be able to host it in Sofia in June, or not.

Soon it will become clear.

Wishing you all the best,
Yours sincerely,